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WordPress Secure 

WordPress is an extremely popular web application software that has gained millions of users over the last few years. The features of WordPress are well defined on its official site.

WordPress is a application software that makes it easy to build a site, launch it, and manage it: it’s a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress has a very vibrant support community and there are many useful plugins available for it, not to mention beautiful themes that let you skin your website and blog just as you like.

It can also be scary with the constant updates, patches and theme updating.

We provide peace of mind allowing you to focus your energy on running a website without worrying about security.


Benefits Of WordPress 

Using WordPress is a quick, convenient, and easy way to manage your website. It’s free (always a good price), open-source (so it’s continuously updated) and a single point of entry for your website. Its complete content management system and template-driven architecture are among the reasons that 22% of new websites are built in WordPress. We love it so much we use it on our own blog.

The Cautions 

So what’s the catch? The popularity of WordPress makes it an extremely attractive target for hackers looking to easily take control of thousands of websites with the same vulnerability. WordPress also has a great collection of plugins that can help you add lots of cool features – but offer yet another entry point for hackers. Because of these security risks, WordPress security is critical. At SiteLock® we see thousands of compromised WordPress sites and have solutions that can help keep your WordPress site secure.

Our Solutions 

Speak with a WordPress security specialist today to get protected, and start using our WordPress plugin to make setup and integration with your existing site a breeze.

Want to Secure Your WordPress Website?

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