DDoS attacks double as criminals leverage home routers, WordPress plugins

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The number of distributed denial-of-service attacks in the second quarter of this year was more than double that of last year, according to a new report from Akamai. The number of megasized attacks, larger than 100 gigabits per second, also

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Consumers Want Password Alternatives for Internet Security

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Because of this, we are being required to strengthen our passwords, use different passwords for various applications and change them more often. There was a time when I could remember every single phone number that I ever dialed. Once I wrote

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WordPress’s parent company acquires Woo Commerce

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The announcement that WordPress’s parent company, Automattic, would purchase WooThemes and its widely used WooCommerce plugin could be good news for online sellers using the ecommerce platform. WooCommerce, which by some estimates powers more

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Google finally makes ‘Undo Send’ Official

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In what could be described as one of the longest “experimental” periods of any product feature, Google is finally bringing the life-saving “Undo Send” option to the main settings on the Web version of Gmail. Google first introduced Undo Send to

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‘Pregnancy wi-fi’ router causes controversy in China

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Qihoo 360 unveiled the device, an upgrade to an existing product, which has three settings it describes on its website as wall penetration, balance and “pregnant women”. The third setting reduces radiation emitted by the router by

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