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New website for Edmonton client published today. Information site for a import, export and commodities broker. Check it out at
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An upcoming upgrade to WordPress will make it much easier for website owners to upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS. WordPress 5.7 – currently
Feature aimed at improving the security of the WordPress ecosystem has been a ‘long time coming’ WordPress 5.5 lands today
A big problem with passwords is that people use the same one over and over. This means that hackers who
With so many threats to your website, it’s important to make your WordPress site as secure as possible. Running a
WordPress is an excellent system to use when developing a website. Although the system is well developed and stable, it
Ever since Google started taking HTTPS into consideration as a ranking factor in 2014, people have slowly been switching their sites over
Major improvements in WordPress 5.0 Blocks make it easier to work with WordPress This new release will let the users