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Just a friendly reminder – backup your online business. It is important to save and backup all your hard work. It’s surely a terrible thing to put so much effort into what you are working on just to lose it or have something crash.

Some may be seasoned pro’s when it comes to backups and things alike. Others are new to the idea of safe guarding their business with the most up-to-date changes made to their site. Then there are those in between the whens and hows of backup.

How often are you backing up files like your WordPress site, computer, pictures, important files, etc? This will depend on how active your are weekly or, like many of us, how much business you do or create each day.

If your are busy on the computer only a few times a week then backing up your files and such can be done perhaps one time a week. However if you are busy with your business on a daily basis it is imperative to update and backup daily.

Why should you save and be backing up files often? Most people probably just think about a computer crashing or perhaps a virus that attacks and your data becomes corrupted. What about if there is a fire, tornado, or your computer is stolen? How about those awful hackers who can do a lot of harm or a child’s spill frying your computer to death? Perhaps you lose your USB or even worse your phone (those great pictures are now gone). There are so many reasons to backup and save often.

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