1920 Tanner Wynd NW
Edmonton AB T6R2S55

GST Registration # 879760023 RT0001
etransfer to: [email protected]

Invoice Number INV- WS-0184
Invoice Date April 24, 2024
Total Due $1,202.25
Surf Motel

290 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC V8V 1A6

Toll Free: 888.738.3399
Local: 250.386.3305

Create a new website for based on proposal:

a. Enhance Visual Design: We will revamp the website's visual aesthetics, incorporating elements that evoke the coastal ambiance and natural beauty of Victoria, BC. The use of high-quality images, color schemes, and typography will create an engaging and immersive experience for visitors. b. Improve User Experience (UX): Our team will focus on optimizing the website's navigation, structure, and responsiveness to ensure seamless and intuitive browsing across various devices. Clear calls-toaction and user-friendly forms will facilitate conversions and bookings. c. Showcase Amenities and Services: We will emphasize the unique features and offerings of the Seaside Motel, including its stunning location, comfortable accommodations, and exceptional guest services. Compelling content and engaging visuals will help highlight the motel's key selling points. d. Option for Integration of Booking System: We would like to integrate a reliable and secure online booking system into the website, streamlining the reservation process for guests and maximizing conversions. This will include real-time availability, pricing information, and a user-friendly interface.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 50% of $1450 balance
3 hours photoshop work on new images for website
1 Migration of site and submission to Search engines $105.000.00%$105.00
Sub Total $1,145.00
Tax $57.25
Total Due $1,202.25

For etransfers please send to [email protected] - auto deposit enabled.