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The web’s leading performance testing tool

GTmetrix reveals how your site performs, tells you why it’s slow and helps you discover optimization opportunities.

By loading your page in a real browser, GTmetrix can provide you with detailed insights on how your page loads. Performance data is ran against PageSpeed and YSlow libraries to provide a list of actionable recommendations for you to engage in to ensure optimal front-end delivery of your site.

Combined with monitoring, GTmetrix can help you maintain your page performance by providing alerts if and your page underperforms, as well as historical trending to ensure your optimization efforts are preserved.

Test your page in multiple scenarios and around the world

A suite of Analysis Options are available for you to ensure your page loads fast for all of your users; whether they’re on desktop or mobile or half-way around the world.

  • 7 global test regions
  • Mobile testing with real hardware and/or using over 20 Simulated Devices
  • Multiple connection speeds

Dig deep into your performance data

GTmetrix provides a comprehensive report of how your site loads, giving you details like:

  • PageSpeed & YSlow best practice recommendations
  • Timings (Fully loaded time, TTFB, First Contentful Paint, RUM Speed Index, etc.)
  • Total page requests and size
  • Waterfall Chart and Video playback

Make sure your page stays optimized

With GTmetrix monitoring, you can rest assured your site maintains performance within your expectations.

  • Monitor your site down to the hour
  • Track performance trends and history with interactive charts
  • Get alerts when your site underperforms based on conditions you set
  • Receive Weekly Digests on the performance trends of monitored pages

How fast does your website load?

Find out with GTmetrix and make sure your site is fast for everybody.

Analyze your site today – it’s free!

Sample PDF of Web Secured Analysis for download. GTmetrix-report-websecured.ca

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