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wordpress-developmentWe provide Professional WordPress CMS Custom and Boxed Development service. With over 100+ WordPress site development projects done in the past, you are getting reliable, fast and experienced developers to work on your WordPress website.

We can develop full websites from the ground up including themes, plugins, modules, databases, API integration’s and other interfaces or code as per your exact requirements. This service is fully custom tailored to your needs.

All development is done strictly from our office in Victoria or Edmonton and we never offshore or outsource anything. All work is tracked in real time on our project portal and available for your preview at any time on our staging environment.

Communication is extremely important to us, so our developer and account manager will stay in touch with you using email, Skype, google hangouts or phone. Screen sharing and conferencing is also available.

WordPress tweaks or modifications starting at only $29 per tweak

How to get started

For many, the biggest challenge is coming up with an idea for a premium product that will work. As developers, we often make this harder than it needs to be. Many of us will dismiss our own ideas, thinking “Ah, that’s too obvious,” or “Anyone could build that, so why bother?” But this is absolutely unfounded.

Regardless of how obvious an idea may seem or how easy it may be to implement, the idea is still valid. And just because you would not necessarily buy it does not mean there is no market for it.

That being said, here are a couple of ways to seed an idea:

  • Look for something you need.
    Simply put, if there’s something you wish you had in your toolbox, you’re likely not the only one who wants it.
  • Identify major players, then compete.
    Competition is good because it fosters innovation. Nothing is wrong with being second (or third or ninth) to market with a product. Identify successful plugins or themes, offer some additional features or a new take on the concept, and compete.

Finally, neither simplicity nor complexity matter — utility does. If you’re afraid that your idea is too simple to sell or too complex to build, you’re probably wrong. The market doesn’t care how easy it was for you to build something, nor does it care how complex the product is under the hood. If the product would make its users lives easier, then it’s marketable.

Our Expertise

15+ years of experience with WordPress CMS
Over 100+ custom WordPress CMS projects delivered
Extensive WordPress CMS E-commerce experience
Experience with large WordPress CMS migrations
Expertise with WordPress CMS upgrades
Extensive experience with Plugins/Modules and Themes
Excellent understanding of both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Performance tuning expertise involving web stack and code/database layer
SEO implementation expertise involving content and website structure
API Integration experience involving third party websites

Featured Sites

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