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Observe people in any public area these days and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone browsing the web on a smartphone such as iPhone or Android. In fact, one fifth of Americans access the mobile web each day, according to a 2009 Pew Research Center report, and that number is on the rise. In 2012 nearly 123 million Americans and Canadians accessed the web via a mobile browser – an increase of 31% from 2011, according to ComScore.
In order to provide this rapidly growing base of mobile web users with an optimal experience, more and more website owners are pursuing mobile web development to ensure that their website is optimized for smartphone display. If the growing number of mobile web users alone isn’t reason enough to convince website owners to embrace the mobile web, there are also a number of advantages worth considering.
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Adams Storage
Mobox Storage
Riplees Ranch
Van Isle Fishing

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