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Web design is fun, blogging has become not so much. Especially when everything feels so unnaturally directed by the algorithm. It has become a chore to fit everything I want in and still stick to the rules. It’s necessary for organic SEO so let’s see if I can make it work. Usually, I will come up with titles and let GPT take the lead. I’m going to change up the approach we have been using on our blog posts. AI is great and it makes writing the posts a LOT more enjoyable considering I would rather be doing almost anything else, but It’s like the Nickelback of content, it was cool at the time(yes I am that old), but now I’m sick of it and it all just sounds the same.  As much as I am creating more work for myself, I am going to try to make a conscious effort to write these out manually going forward and still somehow try to follow the SEO rules.

There are a million posts that will tell you the best practices for blogging for your business and how to get the best SEO results. The bottom line will always be to make a list with headings and load it up with the keywords you want for example:

Why We Are the Best Web Design Company in Edmonton: 10 Reasons to Choose Web Secured for Your Next Project

1. Web Design

Firstly we design user-friendly professional websites. Every design is UX-centric.

2. Web Development:

Secondly, coding is fun. You can use it to make your website do cool things.

3. Web Security:

Thirdly, no one wants malware.

4. SEO:

Fourthly, we’ll help get you traffic.

5. Website Recovery:

Fifthly, we can restore broken websites.

6. WordPress Development:

Sixthly, Let’s get into the PHP of things.

7. WordPress Design:

Seventhly, Wireframes, Adobe, Figma

8. Cool Photoshop Compositions:

Eighthly, I love my drawing tablet.

9. 24 Hour Support:

Ninthly, Dave might be cranky at 3 am, but he’ll still answer the phone.

10. Great to work with:

Finally, We are easy to get along with and are good with deadlines.



The algorithm seems to like this one so far so we’ll see how it plays out.

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