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Performance is not just about moving static files closer to visitors, it is also about ensuring that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible from whatever device a visitor is surfing from. Cloud flare users can choose any combination of these Internet property content optimization features that take performance to the next level. 1 877 889 2573 to get started  Or Order Online.

SEO Services…. Lets Get Organic

We are offering a SEO top up for your site, let us add a site map, meta data, link check and insights to your wordpress website, low cost solution to get your site climbing the rankings page…..Chat with us online or call 1 877 889 2573 to get started.


SSL + Cloud Hosting with Update Package!

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Get Your Site Updated with the Latest Security Features and Plugins.

First we start with a Metrics report of your websites performance and speed then we will update your website, make sure all your plugins are current and correct, add the latest security features, improve performance with addition of Cloud Hosting, install a SSL certificate, backup and more....

Site Security

Realtime anti malware scanning and malware protection, learn more and see how we can help…

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Site Recovery

If your WordPress website has been hacked we can clean it up for you, attempt to determine how the website…

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SEO Integration

Our goal is simple: “We help businesses and individuals achieve and measure search engine results..

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Hosting Services

WordPress tailored hosting solutions starting at $29.00 per month, includes wordpress instalations and setups…

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Need help with a broken website?

Infected, hijacked or vandalized websites can be fixed! We can help get your site going again and protect it for the future.

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WordPress SecuritySecuring your site

There is no worse feeling in the world than when you realize your website has infected the computer of someone you know. They’ve lost everything because your website infected them with malicious software. Our system provides continuos malware monitoring to help avoid these issues…. Learn More


Site RecoveryRestoring hacked or lost sites

If your WordPress website has been hacked we can clean it up for you, attempt to determine how the website got hacked, and help you to secure it against a future hack…. Learn More


Mobile & Responsive LayoutsGo mobile with us

Observe people in any public area these days and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone browsing the web on a smartphone such as iPhone or Android. Lets us create your mobile website….Learn More